VAM Food and Commodity Prices Data Store

Food Security Analysis Since 2008, the VAM Unit of the World Food Programme has been gathering market price information on the most commonly consumed staples to strengthen its food security analysis. These data are now consolidated and accessible in the on-line "VAM Food and Commodity Prices Data Store", launched in 2011. WFP's Data Store benefits from a long tradition of price data collection, compiled by WFP country offices or collated from national government agencies and partner organizations. It aims to provide a source of information and analysis to aid professionals, scholars, students and anyone interested in food security, and specifically in staple food price dynamics.
Price data available for 1535 markets in 78 countries
The "VAM Food and Commodity Prices Data Store" is constantly updated and expanding the scope and coverage of market price information in the countries in which WFP operates. It contains retail and/or wholesale prices for key staple food commodities at sub-national levels. In the next few months, users will be able to directly produce more user-friendly graphs and data reports through multiple selection commands.
VAM Food and Commodity Prices Data Store The "VAM Food and Commodity Prices Data Store" is an information source for:
  • the ALert for Price Spikes (ALPS), a new price indicator that monitors the extent to which a local food commodity market experiences unusually high price levels;
  • the Market Monitor publication, released each quarter;
  • the monthly Price and Market Bulletins, released by WFP Country Offices; and
  • price trend analysis and market assessments products at both national and sub-national levels, which offer the potential to carry out country comparisons of staple food prices.
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