Alert for Price Spikes (ALPS) - At-a-glance

The dashboard presents markets that meet the selection criteria for ALPS and which have been in stress, alert or in crisis at least once during in the last 6 months.
The selection criteria are: i) the food commodity contributes at least 5% of energy to the average daily intake; ii) the price series comprises at least 3 years of data;
iii) the minimum percentage of price observations available for entire time series is 70%; iv) at least one price observation during the last 6 months.

CountryCommodityMonitored MarketsMarkets in StressMarkets in AlertMarkets in Crisis
AfghanistanRice (low quality)81 Kandahar (R)
1 Hirat (R)
BangladeshRice (coarse)6
Burkina FasoMaize111 Tougan (R)
Millet141 Dedougou (R)
Sorghum121 Dedougou (R)
Sweet potatoes4
ColombiaSugar (brown, loaf)11 Bogota (W)
CongoRice (mixed, low quality)11 Total (R)
Democratic Republic of the CongoCassava (chikwangue)21 Butembo (R)
Cassava (cossette)31 Butembo (R)
Cassava flour61 Uvira (R)
Maize21 Uvira (R)
1 Lubumbashi (R)
Maize meal31 Goma (R)
EthiopiaMaize (white)81 Adwa (R)
Sorghum51 Desse (W)
1 Gode (R)
Wheat51 Jijiga (R)
Maize141 Sunyani (W)
Plantains (apentu)131 Bolga (W)
IndiaRice251 Bengaluru (R)
KenyaMaize (white)8
MaliMaize371 Tombouctou (R)
Rice (imported)341 Gao (R)
1 Bougouni (R)
Rice (local)511 Kita (R)
MozambiqueMaize (white)71 Alto Molócuè (R)
MyanmarRice (low quality)81 Kalay (R)
NepalRice101 Rupandehi (R)
Wheat101 Banke (R)
NigeriaMaize21 Illela (CBM) (W)
Millet21 Illela (CBM) (W)
Sorghum21 Illela (CBM) (W)
SenegalMaize (local)21
State of PalestineRice (small grain, imported)21 West Bank (R)
1 Gaza Strip (R)
Sugar21 Gaza Strip (R)
1 West Bank (R)
Sorghum101 El Obeid (R)
1 Kadugli (R)
Sorghum (food aid)4
UgandaCassava flour41 Mbarara (R)
1 Owino (R)
Maize flour51 Lira (R)
1 Mbarara (R)
United Republic of TanzaniaMaize20
Rice201 Lindi (W)
YemenOil (vegetable)11 Sa'ada City (R)
Sugar21 Aden City (R)
1 Al Hudaydah City (Hodieda) (R)
Wheat flour6
ZambiaMaize (white)56
ZimbabweMaize41 Checheche (R)

C = Cash Crop
F = Farm Gate
P = Producer
R = Retail
W = Wholesale

Last Update: 29.Mar.2017